After connecting with thousands of professionals over a 16 year span, the most popular question entrepreneurs & sales professionals ask Dr. B is, “How do I expand my network?” The underlying question is “How do I expand my network virtually or onsite to get more leads?”

As the Founder of Borja Consulting Group since 2018, Dr. B has met many entrepreneurs and sales professionals who had powerful concepts to share but weren’t sure how to get in front of the right network. Dr. B mentors business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and ultimately attract their ideal clients through networking virtually or onsite.

Popular Speaking Topics: 

Successfully Leverage LinkedIn

Build and Maintain Relationships

Properly Introduce Yourself

Networking Virtually Using LinkedIn

Art of Networking Framework Concept

Book Dr. B to come speak to your group about how to build your bottom line through networking, increase your pipeline, making a bigger impact networking like a pro and much more!