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I help people make double-digit returns backed by real estate. Want to learn more?


Have Jairo come to your organization to speak. Topics include networking virtually and onsite, lead generation and prospecting, Successfully leveraging Linkedin.


Not in control of your locus of control. Have the degrees or certifications but just feel stuck. Let Jairo coach you on building relationships to increase sales for your organization or for your business.


Let Jairo come in and assist you in determining how to transform your staff, department or organization. Does your team have the tools to build relationships to increase sales? What succession plans you have in place? What professional development policy you have in place? Let Jairo assist you in transforming your organization and take it to the next level.

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Speaker, Coach, Consulting or Podcast

I am extremely excited about the future of Borja Consulting Group and hope we can work together in the near future. Please check out the next steps on how can we work together.


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